Political Awareness and Involvement

In Delta Sigma Theta, the Social Action Committee (SAC) is required to identify existing public policy on an issue or the need for public policy; then make a plan to take action and conduct ongoing advocacy activities. The SAC of the Indianapolis Alumnae Chapter (IAC) participates in voters registration education and activities; ongoing meetings with local, state and national policy makers; participates in Delta Days at the Nation’s Capitol, Delta Day at the State Capitol and Delta Day at the Marion County City County Council to name a few specific activities.  The SAC committee is responsible for making sure IAC follows national initiatives in Social Action as directed by the national Social Action Commission.

The committee generally monitors local, state and national issues such as voter rights, healthcare, and education which are all of keen interest to the chapter.  The committee, of course, is not limited to the aforementioned issues.  The committee also trains on voter registration, how to contact your policy makers, and the importance of Social Action in DST.  The committee often leads the chapter in writing letters and/or sending emails to policy makers on specific issues.  To receive additional information about our Social Action Programs or if you have questions, please contact social_action@盛世彩票会员登录.


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What is happening in your community?  We want to hear from you! If you would like to report Social Action success stories as well as challenges, please email social_action@盛世彩票会员登录.